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About DIRA


history and mission

In the fall of 2010, three friends gathered to discuss a shared vision for an entrepreneurial enterprise dedicated to building hope in the hearts of individuals, families and communities through marketplace opportunities.  This vision of hope quickly became the foundation for the formation of DIRA(deer-uh).

It is the belief of the founders of DIRA that talent and skills are gifts given to every individual, and it is the hope of a marketplace opportunity that often inspires a person to pursue the successful development of these skills and talents. It is for this hope and purpose that DIRA was formed and from which DIRA derives its marketing message "made to create".

DIRA  has carefully selected unique, beautifully designed, handcrafted products created by highly skilled artists in South Africa. Our mission is to reveal the beautiful works of this resourceful, conservation-oriented design culture to the global market.

DIRA: Lauren Cooper and Alex Peterson
Lauren Cooper                                                                  
Alex Peterson

Exodus 35:35