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DIRA has carefully selected unique, beautifully designed, handcrafted products created by highly skilled artists in South Africa. Our mission is to reveal the beautiful works of this resourceful, conservation-oriented design culture to the global market.

Kudu Core Floor Lamp on Acrylic

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Lamp Size:
16" Round acrylic base
Shade Size:
24"x 12"h round drum shade

Our South African artist extracts the core of two Kudu horns, polishes them and welds them end to end to form a gently flowing spiral to create an architectural and artistic anchor in any room. The horns are mounted on a round acrylic base and supported by a brass rod. The design and beauty of this lamp is simply stunning! Certified by Nature Conservation of South Africa. 



  • handcrafted in South Africa
  • real Greater Kudu ram's horn core is a natural blend of ivory and cream colors
  • two Kudu cores are hand welded end to end and mounted with a brass rod to an acrylic base
  • also available in round base of African Wood
  • UL Listed 3-way socket, harp & finial are brass finish
  • Dira preferred shade is off white drum shade