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DIRA has carefully selected unique, beautifully designed, handcrafted products created by highly skilled artists in South Africa. Our mission is to reveal the beautiful works of this resourceful, conservation-oriented design culture to the global market.

Nguni Cow Horn Ceiling Mount Chandelier - Light

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Copy of CL11
32" diameter; 28" length of longest strand

Cascading strands of handcut Nguni cow horn pieces in various shapes and sizes create a sophisticated and unique ceiling mount chandelier that is simply stunning! 

Fully customizable with respect to size, shape, length, light kit, and cow horn color variation (light and dark). Pricing will vary on customized orders. Request a quote at

Dira lighting products are made from eco-friendly, sustainable resources. 




  • handcrafted in South Africa
  • 5-60 watt max bulbs, not included