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DIRA has carefully selected unique, beautifully designed, handcrafted products created by highly skilled artists in South Africa. Our mission is to reveal the beautiful works of this resourceful, conservation-oriented design culture to the global market.

The Dira Rachel Necklace

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Rachel designed and created this beautiful necklace after she was rescued by the Tabitha Project. The Tabitha Project offers shelter for women in Africa who have been abused, exploited or trafficked, and encourages them to create and work with their hands to develop skills that will offer them an alternative livelihood.  Dira is proud to partner with the founder of the Tabitha Project, OM (Operation Mobilisation), to help build hope for women like Rachel through marketplace opportunities.

(We are excited to share more detailed information about the Tabitha Project. Click on our "Building Hope" tab to learn more.)


  • size: non-adjustable necklace __" length
  • handcrafted in Africa
  • wood and bone beading on natural twine
  • an earthy and natural blend of brown, tan and bone
  • each necklace is unique with no two exactly alike
  • colors and beading will vary slightly from necklace to necklace as it is a natural product and subject to bead availability though all necklaces will mimic this Rachel style and design