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DIRA has carefully selected unique, beautifully designed, handcrafted products created by highly skilled artists in South Africa. Our mission is to reveal the beautiful works of this resourceful, conservation-oriented design culture to the global market.

The Patricia Collection - Conch Shell Table Lamp - Grey

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6" x 6" square
Overall Height:
7x10" top X 8x11" bottom X 8.5" H, Customizable

On the shores of a small island in the Bahamas reside numerous conch shells that tumble in the surf.  Some have newly arrived, and retain the white and pink hues of their youth, while others reflect years and years of life at sea.  These older shells are distinguished by their darker tones and well worn edges.  DIRA has created a collection of shell lamps on acrylic bases that will invite you to ponder the lives of each shell, while simultaneously transporting you to the warm, clean and gentle beauty of the Bahamas. Named for a friend whose life is a reflection of her passion for the sea, The Patricia Collection will adorn your home with the elegant beauty of its origin. 





  • handcrafted in the United States
  • real conch shell imported from the Bahamas
  • shell is mounted on a black wood base with a sleek supporting rod
  • approximately 20" high
  • ships with rectangular black shade
  • UL Listed 3-way socket, harp & finial are brass finish